Using Multiple data sets to display charts

    Prepare a location intelligence visualization
  1. Set a map work background.
  2. Enable "Division" Labels.
  3. Enable displaying a "Legend".
  4. Enable "Data" Labels.
    You can also update or add values to your data sets by activating "edit" mode. Deactivate "edit" mode to save your changes.
  5. Enable "Data Visualization".
  6. Add more data sets.
  7. Load your data sets, edit their name - which will be used in the "Legend".
  8. Choose "Quantity Representation" Charts, and the type of chart that will best help your analysis.
    Refine the visualization
  1. Switch between the charts that will better represent your data.
  2. Set "Comparison of Divisions" switch on or off.
    Compare values across divisions (Percent value is reported to the highest value across all divisions),
    or compare values only between sets for each division (Percent value is reported to the sum of values for that division).
  3. Set the pixel size of the charts.
  4. Adjust the style of the charts.
  5. Set a color for each data set.
  6. Manually position a chart. Select the chart, then use the circle marker to move it to a new position.
  7. Reposition all charts to the center of the shape /division/ they belong to.
Check out these maps made with different types of data...
Try using different types of charts to understand which one would be suitable for your own data visualization...