Use patterns to draw a map

    Find the map template you need
  1. Enter the name in the search box, or click on a label or any place on the map.
  2. Select the map region.
  3. Select the "Outline" template, then choose a projection.
    Prepare your design
  1. Resize the map work canvas and the viewport, re-position it on the canvas.
  2. Enable basic styles and set canvas background color.
  3. You don't need to set a default color for divisions /map shapes/.
  4. Choose a library pattern.
  5. ...or upload your own image.
    Library patterns
  1. SVG shapes, though they cannot be customized.
  2. ...or pick an image pattern.
    Change the pattern
  1. Preview your pattern map design.
  2. Upload your own image pattern.
    Please make sure you are not using an image that is copyrighted and you haven't purchased a license to use it.
    Finalize your design
  1. You might want to change the canvas color.
  2. Or you might want to enable the outlines.
  3. Style the outlines /shorelines/ stroke.
Here is a demo you can check out...