Making Infographics

    Find the map template you need
  1. Enter the name in the search box.
  2. Select the map region.
  3. Select the outline or divisions if you need to color some of the shapes, or display symbols or charts.
    Start designing your infographic
  1. Enable basic styles and set canvas background color, and default shapes /divisions/ color.
  2. You might not need any of these features.
  3. Resize the map viewport and position it on the canvas.
  4. Use the images, text, and shapes controls to represent your information.
    Draw text, shapes or place images
  1. Display to toolbox with items that can be placed on the map work.
  2. Select a shape to place on the map work.
  3. For vertical lines, after you select the item - you'll need to click twice on the canvas: the starting point and the end point for that line.
  4. Bring all images, text, and shapes over the map labels that might be displayed.
  5. Send all images, text, and shapes behind the map labels.
  6. Hide all images, text, and shapes from the drawings layer.
  7. When you draw multi-point shapes - for the last point you'll need to make a right click /on Windows/ or double click /tap/ on other computing devices.
    Editing a shape style
  1. Click on /select/ the shape to have displayed the inline menu.
  2. If something goes wrong with a shape, you can delete it, and start over.
    Download your infographics image
  1. "Change View" to the full page to preview the final map image.
  2. Download the image, or embed the map work on a web page.
Here is a demo you can check out...