Illustration Map

    Find the map template you need
  1. Enter the name in the search box, or click on a label or any place on the map.
  2. Select the map region.
  3. Select the "Outline" template, then choose a projection.
    Prepare your design
  1. Resize the map work canvas and re-position the map viewport on the canvas.
  2. Enable basic styles and set canvas background color.
  3. Set a default color for divisions /map shapes/.
  4. You might want to use a background map, instead.
    Choose a background map
  1. Plain Maps Satellite, Political or MapQuest raster maps are only available for Mercator projections.
  2. Outline maps are available for all projections.
    Low scale maps are faster to download, but might not be suitable for maps covering a smaller earth area.
If you are using a raster background map, you might want to set a complete transparency for your map work shapes color...
    Placing images on your map work
  1. Select the image control to have the inline menu displayed.
    Drag this circle marker to move the image around.
  2. Drag this marker to resize the image.
  3. Click this "Image" link to display the upload dialog.
    Placing more images or shapes on your map work
  1. Display the toolbox dialog.
  2. Pick an image control then click two points on the map, where you want to place it.
  3. The inline menu for images. Click this "Image" link to display the upload dialog.
  4. Drag these markers to move or resize the image.
Here is a public map you can check out...