Displaying Cities

    Placing cities on your map work
  1. Start by setting the canvas background and shapes /divisions/ color.
  2. Enable "Locations" feature.
  3. Enable "Cities" feature.
    • Move the slider to the right to display more cities.
    • Cities are loaded from a database ordered by population size.
    • Your account has a limitation for how many cities you can display.
    • Our geolocation database contains all cities around the world with more than 1,000 population.
    • If cities are showing overlapped when moving the slider back and forth, click the "Cities" /Reset/ label to clear up and start over.
  4. Style the labels.
  5. The font face /family/ name is displayed on the Style dialog.
  6. Select a marker symbol and set a size.
  7. When "Allow Overlap" is enabled, all cities are displayed, even when their symbols overlap.
  8. Adjust Symbol style, if SVG shape is being used.
    Displaying other cities or locations - not based on population size
  1. Enable "Markers".
  2. Load your prepared points marker set.
  3. Select a marker symbol and style it.
  4. When some city labels overlap, you can easily move /drag/ them around the symbol.
    The symbols cannot be moved as they are positioned on the exact latitude-longitude coordinate.
Here is the demo you can check out...