Coloring a Map

    Find the map template you need
  1. Enter the name in the search box, or click on a label or any place on the map.
  2. Select the map region.
  3. Select the divisions template, then choose a projection.
    Prepare your design
  1. Resize the map work canvas.
  2. Resize the map viewport and re-position it on the canvas.
  3. Enable basic styles and set canvas background color.
  4. Set a default color for divisions /map shapes/.
  5. You might not need to draw the outlines /shore lines/.
  6. Set the style for borders.
  7. You can reposition the labels. Click on a label, then drag it.
  8. Do not forget to save your new map work. Autosave is not enabled for new maps.
    Color a division shape
  1. Click anywhere on that division to open the Style dialog.
    Sometimes you might need to click in different areas of that shape.
    The name of that shape will be displayed on the Style dialog, so you know which one you are updating.
  2. Pick a color, or enter your HEX code.
  3. Set a transparency level. When the value is 100%, the color is complete opaque.
    Apply your own style for map work labels
  1. Move labels around to avoid overlapping.
  2. Set a background /halo/ for all division labels.
  3. Style the font.
  4. Click "Face" button to roll all available font faces /font families/.
  5. Set the size of the font, in pixels. Use the keypad arrow keys for fine tuning.
    If you need to, you can resize each label individually: click on that label, then drag the square resize markers.
Here is a demo you can check out...